Guernsey’s Gotta Have It for 2023

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December 6, 2022
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Guernsey’s Gotta Have It for 2023

Our Staff’s Picks for 2023  

At Guernsey we decided to start the year off right by showcasing some of our favorite goods and services designed to lift your business to the next level. From furniture to food, our staff put their heads together to come up with this list of Guernsey’s Gotta Have It for 2023. 

HON Ignition 2.0

Creating a “sense of place” has become increasingly important in office design. A sense of place means more than just a place to work—it’s a space that encourages employees to feel like they are part of something bigger. Having a sense of place is about creating an atmosphere that reflects the local community, culture, and values of your business.  

Nespresso Zenius 

Consider the feeling you get when you walk into a neighborhood coffee shop. You may find the warm ambience and inviting decor familiar and comfortable. Now, how do you want your employees, customers, and visitors to feel when they are in the office? To highlight corporate culture and project professionalism, you may integrate your brand’s colors into the design of your office. Plush couches, low lighting, and autumn colors will reinforce a calm, welcoming atmosphere. For a more vibrant energy consider brightly painted accent walls, sleek, minimalist furniture, and lots of natural light.   

Local Fresh Fruit Boxes 

It’s important to remember your business belongs to a community beyond the walls of your office.  Incorporating elements of the local community creates a sense of space and strengthens local bonds. Incorporating art or furniture made by local craftspeople, highlighting employee accomplishments, or simply encouraging employees to bring plants from home all help to create a sense of place.  

Ultimately, having a sense of place creates a culture of belonging and connection amongst employees, improving morale and performance. It is important to remember that a sense of place should be tailored to your unique business and local area—creating a space that feels like home for your employees. 

Entry Green Seal Certified Ice Melt 

When it comes to sustainable workplace design, energy efficiency is key. Start by looking at the big picture—think about all the energy that goes into running an office and look for ways to reduce it. Replace old appliances and equipment with newer, energy efficient models. Install solar panels on the roof, upgrade to energy efficient windows. Utilize smart lighting systems and motion sensors to prevent waste. Investing in energy efficient fixtures and equipment will help to conserve resources and save money over time.  

Custom and Promotional Products 

In a wireless age we need to stay connected wherever we go. Never drop a connection when you strategically place Wi-Fi boosters throughout the office. A plug & go WiFi extender can add over 6,500 sq. ft. to your connectivity today. 

Wiring conference rooms and collaborative spaces with electric and data ports makes connecting easy for executives and brainstormers alike. Truthfully, incorporating electric/data connections wherever people gather is a significant advantage.  

Branded Apparel 

At Guernsey, when we go out in the world, people recognize us. Not just from our actions as community members, or by the smiles on our faces. “We stand out with custom uniforms” and apparel, says Account Manager Stasia Holloway.  

Branded apparel is one of the most effective ways to spend your advertising dollars. Find a comfortable, stylish uniform for your employees that doubles as a billboard for your business. 

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Gordon Thrall
Gordon Thrall
EVP/CRO - Corporate, Sales & Marketing