Five Halloween Office Cubicle Pranks (That Won’t Get You Fired)

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Five Halloween Office Cubicle Pranks (That Won’t Get You Fired)

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Five Halloween Office Cubicle Pranks

Halloween is just around the corner. Colorful leaves falling, purchasing (and eating) generous amounts of candy, dressing up (even for the adults) and even a prank or two is generally accepted during this holiday…no need to wait for April Fool’s Day. A great way to celebrate Halloween in the office is to spook your fellow co-workers. Co-workers are practically family so a few friendly pranks can be looked at as acceptable. But wait, hold your horses! Before you start I must warn you, do not go overboard with these pranks. We’re aiming for a good scare – not an “I am never going to talk to you again” type of deal. As Mike Wazowski once put it, “there is more to life than scaring.” You ready? Let’s get to pranking!


A Webby Cup Prank

Okay, this is pretty simple but effective. Grab a fake spider (available at a local party store), place it under a cup, and stick a note on the cup along the lines of, “if anyone has the courage to set the spider free, please help.” The key is placing it somewhere your co-worker goes to daily, for example their keyboard. You’ll have them scared to get close and if they dare open it, a spider will be waiting for them. Got ‘em!

Source: IFLMyLife


Sticky Décor Prank

This fall, sticky notes are the hottest cubicle decoration trend! Make sure to show some love to your fellow cubicle buddy by dressing up their space with colorful sticky notes, tons of ‘em. Next thing you know, you’re America’s Next Top Cubicle Designer. The best part? The look on their face having to take off each sticky note. Just make sure to re-use them!

Source: Quest


A Dead Mouse Prank

Most cubicles have a computer, keyboard, and mouse. A mouse only works when the sensor at the bottom is exposed to a mouse pad. Here comes the fun part: cover up the sensor with just right amount sticky notes and top it off with the scariest picture you can find on the internet. You’ll get a good laugh out them trying to figure what’s wrong and when they take a look to see what’s wrong, you’ll get a good scream. Killing two birds with one stone, nice!

Source: Pixabay


Daily Routine Prank

You know that drawer that your fellow cubicle mate keeps all their junk in. Once the coast is clear, fill it up with the most spine-chilling items you can find. An artificial snake, fake bugs, or even have something pop out. The next morning when they open up the drawer, they’ll never see it coming.

Source: Pixabay


The Go-To Prank

Too lazy to scare someone out? The easiest, yet fulfilling, thing to do is simply wear a mask. Find that perfect mask that will startle everyone, but at the same time not be offensive to anyone in the office. Have the mask hidden and as someone settles into their cubicle, sneak by and say hello. Your mask will have them jumping out of their seats!

Source: Pxhere

It doesn’t stop there, these were only five out the hundreds of pranks you can pull off for Halloween. Hopefully we have sparked an idea for a prank of your own. It’s true, work can sometimes be a drag. Lighten up the office mood this holiday season with a scare. Common sense is your best friend. If you think you’re going too far, you are definitely going too far. Be smart and please do not lose your job over a prank. Bonding over a laugh and creating a fun work culture is the name of the game. Workplace fun, (and fright) we can do that!

From our team to yours, hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween!


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