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Current Events

COVID-19 Update - 03.17.2020

Although many cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products are still difficult to source, we are seeing some items coming in but at higher costs. On the surface, it might seem that the supply chain could be taking advantage of the shortages, but the reality is that the manufacturers are absorbing higher costs in producing the items in order to fulfill this sudden and unprecedented spike in demand. Factories are instituting additional shifts with overtime and other increased labor and equipment costs. Further, this pressure can be felt upstream from the sourcing of raw materials up through the manufacturing process. We are seeing increases at this point of up to 15% for these specific items and our assessment is that this is not unreasonable under the circumstances. Please contact your sales representative if you have questions regarding this or any other topic of concern.

Statement Regarding COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

Like most responsible organizations, we at Interiors By Guernsey are taking all necessary precautions as outlined by the CDC and learning as much as we can about the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in order to keep our families, coworkers and customers safe and healthy. We continue to monitor events as they unfold, and will modify our position as circumstances dictate.

Since we do have personal contact with our customers by virtue of our sales and delivery staff, we are acutely aware of how important it is to uphold a healthy organization across all spectrums. We are advising our personnel to maintain the obvious healthy hygiene habits and to engage in all of the normal flu avoidance practices. Further, we are refraining from any unnecessary group gatherings and minimizing contact with external sources for the time being.

Our facilities and vehicles are to be kept especially clean and disinfected at this time. Our employees understand that the least sign of symptoms of illness is reason to stay home and avoid the risk to their coworkers; in fact that is mandated.

As friendly a bunch as we are, we are avoiding the age old custom of shaking hands in favor of an elbow bump or simple wave until conditions change for the better. Our drivers, who are in constant public contact, have been instructed to exercise all of the usual precautions and maintain ‘social distancing’ when making deliveries.

After discussing this with our distribution staff, it was apparent that our drivers were already engaged in these risk mitigating activities as were most of our customers. This is an acknowledgement that generally, our citizenry is aware, understands and often reacts appropriately. Providing company policy just formalizes and refines what was already in motion with this type of thing.

Internally, we are facilitating a good flow of communication with our staff in order to keep them up to date and we will keep customers apprised of any updates as well.

Our company has been witness to many significant events in our 50 year history; this will be one of them and this too shall pass. We encourage our staff to remain positive and optimistic and work together to ride this out; both the biological and economic implications.