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Post-COVID Workplace


Returning to the workplace won't be easy.

Let's prepare together.



The COVID-19 crisis has created new challenges for businesses along side with new opportunities. While the future is unknown, we must take action now to respond and plan for what's ahead.

Before the shutdown, human interaction was essential to daily routines. Being able to converse in shared spaces with fellow coworkers strengthened teamwork and encouraged collaboration. As a technologically advanced generation, we've adapted by getting tasks done remotely via online conference calls and the web. Nevertheless, we have still been missing out on the true intrinsic experience of working together face-to-face and socializing. The informal shared spaces that promoted working collectively are non-existent nowadays. These areas of social interaction increased levels of productivity, ultimately playing a big role in an organization's growth.

Let's work together in creating the new workplace!



Safety is the number one priority in reopening the workplace.

Maintaining a hygienic environment that promotes well-being is key. Think about your office layout right now. Is your office space optimized to fulfill the needs of social distancing and minimize contact? It's time to step away from the open office layout and instead cooperate in alternative ways.



Adapting to new workplace requirements

Building Barriers

Protect your employees and customers in areas of close contact by installing clear and durable safety barriers. Implementing these shields will decrease transmission of germs and droplets when interacting with customers. We can help you place these barriers to cater to your specific workplace needs.


What's Next?

The future is looking bright.

Every workplace is unique. As you plan to reopen your office building, be prepared to reconfigure your entire layout to meet set guidelines. Our goal is to support each of your team's specific needs with all the resources to get going again. As technology advances, look forward to new workspace options with hands-free design and new materials for easier cleaning. With all that is going on in the world today, Interiors by Guernsey is working closely day-by-day to follow set guidelines and keep you updated with the latest information.

Let's have a chat today! We're all in this together.