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“A little bit of color doesn’t cost anything.”

Terri Perry

It’s the desk where she first discovered she was an artist. It’s the whiteboard where he discovered his love of learning and that he wanted to share his passion as a teacher. It’s the benches where those lifelong friendships first developed. The anecdotes are endless. The classroom environment is essential to students’ success and love of learning. 

Terri Perri recognizes the importance of pulling together great educational furniture to create learning environments that inspire and energize, and she’s proud of the difference she makes every day. A seasoned professional, she’s worked for Guernsey since 1979 — so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about classroom furniture. 

As the Furniture/Design Specialist, Education with Interiors by Guernsey, Terri works with schools on both long and short-term projects.

It’s a true partnership, a collaboration between the school and Guernsey,” she says.  

Her primary focus is on school renovations, transforming outdated classrooms, cafeterias, and offices into vibrant, collaborative spaces that inspire creativity. Any school can be filled with black, bland chairs, but Terri doesn’t deliver just any school. Her approach is to propose options outside of the norm, so her spaces reflect the technology-based, collaborative and active nature of the modern American curriculum. She presents a colorful, fun, and stimulating environment to clients.  

Terri’s renovations are highly detailed and can span over several years. It’s important to her that she sees each project through to completion — and to Terri, “complete” isn’t determined by a project plan. “Complete” only happens when the customer is 100% satisfied, but that generally doesn’t take too long. The reason? Simple. There are no surprises. By the time the furniture is ordered, everyone knows what they’re getting – how it feels, how it looks. Clients know they’ve received the best product at the best price, and that really matters.  

“Schools are high-profile buildings. There’s a lot of money involved – why not make it fun, make it exactly what you want,” she says. A little bit of color doesn’t cost anything.  

Word travels fast amongst the school community, and Terri and her team know that. This is a referral based business – if she and her team don’t give it their all every time – well, she wouldn’t even entertain that thought.