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Designing Workspaces That Really Work


Struggling to make the most of your workplace? At a loss as to the best way to structure your space to incorporate new norms and protocols? Reorganizing your organization and needing an office or facility reboot to match? Or maybe you’re just feeling like your workspace needs a facelift.

Your workplace affects your employee morale and customer satisfaction just as much as your bottom line. And all three impact your success. Whether it’s retrofitting classrooms, rearranging healthcare spaces, or redesigning offices, sometimes all just takes a small shift in furniture and some new additions to your space to make a massive positive impact.


Industries We Serve


Now more than ever, employees want to feel comfortable and safe in their workplace. Our design specialists can help you design (or redesign) your space to accommodate a changing world.


Educational Spaces and Classrooms

Vibrant design that embraces the Six Zones of Learning – Learn, Collaborate, Reflect, Gather, Co-create, and Share



Healthcare and Medical Offices

Designing with heart and health in mind


Corporate Offices

Spaces that boost employee satisfaction as well as bottom line.



Government Office

Thoughtful design that integrate legislative needs as well as human ones.




Everyone needs a break at some point and designing a breakroom that provides a sense of calm and community can be a real asset to any organization. Breakrooms give employees a space to relax and regroup throughout the day, to unwind and clear their heads, which improves employee satisfaction and productivity while decreasing stress levels.

In addition to design and installation, we offer plenty to stock your breakroom, including fresh food delivery as well as food disposal options.

Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Need help stocking your new space? From kitting out kitchens to filling up janitorial closets, we’ve got your supply needs covered!


Reach out to us and let our team of experts help you reconfigure, optimize, and supply your workspace. If you’re local to one of our showrooms, stop by and take a ‘walk’ through one of our complete furniture vignettes.


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