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"Goodness is the only investment that never fails."


Commitment to Community

Good things – good people, good companies, good communities – come in pairs.

Or groups. Or gaggles or bevies or packs. Good things do not happen in isolation, because good does not happen in isolation. It is part of a culture, one of the sort that we pride ourselves on here at Guernsey, and one that we strive to be a part of beyond this organization.

Let’s not kid ourselves – no one is perfect. We aren’t Iron Man, we’re an educational, healthcare, and office space design and furnishings company. We don’t save the world every week, but here are some good things we do manage.

For Our Environment

From environmental products to our recycled box and battery programs, there are a number of practices we maintain internally, as well as programs we make available to our clients, that help the environment. Just ask your account manager about our LEED-certified furniture!

For Our Community

From our execs volunteering on the boards of local non-profits, to individual employees getting together at company-sponsored events or other volunteer opportunities, we get involved.

For Ourselves

At our headquarters our grassroots fun team, FlashPoint, pulls together social events and volunteer opportunities where our employees can get engaged with the local community.

For Our People

We may not have a giant slide, free dry cleaning or lavish vacations, but our employees know that the end of each day they’ll be able to make it home in time for trivia night, to visit with family and friends, to help with homework and tuck their kids in. It’s all about balance.