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Healthcare Design – Core Solutions That Create Caring Spaces

T here’s more to healthcare, residential, and office space planning than simply picking a color scheme and nice furniture. In fact, healthcare design is utterly unique because it is as much about heart as it is about functionality.

  • Designing with Heart

    Consider who occupies healthcare spaces: doctors, nurses, patients, visiting family, etc. It is a mixture of helpers and those that need to be helped. As a result, these spaces require a human touch, with a focus on care and comfort, not just literally, but also emotionally and psychologically.
  • Whether it is a medical office or an assisted living community, we ensure our designs look and feel calming and warm while also being highly functional and efficient.

    • Is there enough seating in the waiting room or lobby?
    • Is the furniture comfortable and inviting?
    • Can staff move easily between workstations and patients or visitors?
    • Are the materials easy to clean?
    • Is there enough room for someone in a wheelchair to maneuver?

    In addition to normal necessary design considerations, these are the kinds of questions we keep in mind when creating this type of space.

Our Partners Know Healthcare

Designing a space in the healthcare field requires a good eye AND a knowledge of unique factors such as antimicrobial fabrics and why copper content or easy-clean designs matter. Healthcare spaces must incorporate carefully selected and specially developed materials, fabrics, and design that meet the specific requirements for each facility. This kind of attention to detail is where we thrive.

We take being thorough seriously, especially when it comes to the manufacturers we partner with, and particularly when it comes to their knowledge of the healthcare industry. We vet them to ensure they keep abreast of new developments and understand specific needs and how to meet them so you can feel confident that your spaces are up to the latest and best standards.

At the end of the day, we care deeply about the communities we serve and the people in them, and we know just how important it is for the well-being of your staff and your patients to get your healthcare interiors exactly right. As you are there for others, we are there for you!

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