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Office Configurations: Benching Systems and Workstations

With so many changes in the workplace and the rise of work flexibility and technology, office configuration and design are more important than ever to ensure agility, productivity, efficiency, and employee well-being. That’s where benching systems and workstations come in. Options like benching and workstations make optimal use of space and provide an efficient and effective work environment that puts employee comfort and productivity front and center.

What is benching?

Benching is the ultimate solution in modern office design. This innovative approach promotes communication, creativity, and flexibility by eliminating traditional cubicles in favor of open workstations. Not only does benching foster teamwork and inclusivity, but it also offers an unparalleled level of interactivity among employees. Customizable and flexible, they will revolutionize your collaborative workspace.

Benching provides plenty of benefits to you and your employees. These include:

  • Saving Space
  • Cutting Costs
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Encouraging productivity and creativity
  • Providing flexibility to be reconfigured to accommodate more people

We carry several brands that offer excellent benching options.


Unlike a benching system, a workstation is the typical "cubicle" that provides employees with personal workspaces that offer a degree of privacy, despite being in close proximity to colleagues. Workstations can be tailored to suit different office configurations and needs, but they often feature partitions high enough to block neighboring desks from view, which was the intent of Robert Propst when he developed the first office cubicles in the 1960s. Each cubicle serves as an employee's individual hub where they can work in a personalized environment, access all necessary files and supplies, and feel secure in their privacy.

Benefits include:

  • Fewer visual and auditory distractions
  • More storage space
  • More privacy
  • Better protection against germs