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About Us

You are what you believe in.

We believe in great design and practical outcomes.

We believe that a budget is just another way to get creative.

We believe that good things come to those who work hard and are nice to their coworkers.

We believe that you are what you believe in.

Interiors by Guernsey is a division of Guernsey, Inc. While Guernsey was founded in 1971, it’s hard to say when or where the Interiors team began. It was probably in the early eighties when John Nichol and Terri Perry joined the company, full of ideas for office interior design that became classroom interior design, then healthcare interior design, and then so much more. It feels like that passion has always been there, though, supporting and supported by Guernsey’s other lines.

So who’s the Interiors team? We’re a group of hard-working, clever cats that somehow manage to balance out obsessing over details and keeping an eye on that big-picture prize. We ensure every client is 100% satisfied, and the only surprise working with us is that your lobby, breakroom, patient suites, office design —really, all the design we do — is better than you imagined it. We believe that the seating utilized every day, the conference room space where you make vital company decisions, the breakroom where teammates develop that magic glue that binds and betters them all, and every detail in between are equally important.