Top Tips For Keeping Your Office Functional

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February 23, 2022
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Top Tips For Keeping Your Office Functional

Functional, Enjoyable, Productive

Creating a functional office brings with it many immediate and nuanced benefits. A clean, organized, purposeful space conveys a sense of professionalism and efficiency to employees, and creates a positive first impression for clients, customers, and visitors. Creating purpose-built spaces like meeting spaces, quiet work zones, breakout rooms, and areas to relax gives employees the perfect place for every task. The modern worker is not chained to their desk and the variety of environments in a well-designed workspace will contribute to an enhanced sense of preparedness and well-being.  

By focusing on both function AND form, Guernsey allows you to focus on your business. 

Functional Supplies

 A well-organized workplace will keep essential items within your employee’s reach. In the past that has meant every employee has their own supplies scattered across their workspace, creating chaos, wasting time, and potentially losing money on unused office supplies.  

The newest trend is to create Supply Stations where employees can use communal office supplies. Employees will always need their own pens, Post-Its, and power cords, but a Supply Station is a great place for more expensive and specific supplies like:  

When you reduce the total supplies purchased, reduce desk clutter, offer movement opportunities, and reduce waste, you save money, save time, prevent stress, and promote productivity.  


Just as important as a well-stocked Supply Station is the well-stocked breakroom. The modern office doesn’t adhere to a traditional schedule and employees need fuel throughout the day to stay focused, happy, and productive. Chocolate, candy, breakfast bars, savory snacks, and fruit treats are all perfect compliments to a well-organized and functional space. 

Functional Interiors

At Guernsey, we don’t just sell office supplies and snacks; we plan and execute interior designs to bring your business to the next level. We consult with you on the needs of your office, and what makes your company special so that we can incorporate your core values into our vision for your space. We design a workplace intended to promote employee engagement, productivity, safety, and comfort and turn your office plans from drawing on the page to a reality you can touch by procuring the furniture and materials necessary for your new space. And finally, our experienced staff will work quickly and quietly to install the office of your dreams.  

Let’s look at two of the most important things we consider when creating or renovating workplaces: Furniture and Color.  


To create and furnish unique and collaborative workplaces we rely on brands like:  

  • Ignition  
  • Valido  
  • Preside  
  • Accelerate  
  • Flagship  
  • Voi  
  • Flock 

Our preference for flexible furniture that can fit in multiple environments makes sure that your employees are comfortable, and their workspaces are always appropriate for the task at hand.  

Whether creating executive meeting rooms, spacious workstations, communal break areas, inviting reception spaces, private offices, or informal creative spaces, we have the solution to all your furnishing needs. 


Never underestimate the power of a splash of color.  

The proper use of color can reflect a company’s culture, promote a company’s brand, or even foster creativity and impact productivity. At Guernsey, we take color so seriously that we can even match your walls to the fabrics on your new chairs.  

Gentle greens and blues can improve focus and efficiency in workers. Red, while certainly eye-catching, can become overwhelming and is best left for accents or important areas to notice, like exits and stairwells. Yellow creates a sense of optimism and is frequently used to add a sense of creativity and spontaneity that helps workers think outside the box. Or maybe you’d rather stay with the tried and true and rely on your company’s brand colors! We’ll make suggestions, but in the end, the choice is yours. 

When In Doubt, Ask Your Employees

You’ve heard how Guernsey can help create and maintain an office that isn’t just functional but flourishing. If you need more ideas or want to brainstorm how to incorporate the topics we’ve just discussed, don’t be afraid to ask your employees. Studies show that employees are looking for three things in the workplace:  

  1. Areas for Collaboration  
  2. Spaces for Relaxation  
  3. Food 

And, wouldn’t you know it, with Guernsey you can have all three.  

Enjoy our portfolio of corporate spaces that have received the Guernsey touch. 

Gordon Thrall
Gordon Thrall
EVP/CRO - Corporate, Sales & Marketing