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Brighten Up Your Day the Guernsey Way 


Often overlooked, break rooms and office cafes are crucial spaces for employees to recharge, socialize, and refuel. With the right design and products from Interiors by Guernsey, these areas can be transformed from boring and dull to inviting and functional. Providing employees with the break areas they deserve will not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your office, but it can also have a positive impact on employee productivity and well-being.  

Take Your Pick

Depending on the size of your organization, you may need a full-service cafeteria or just a quiet corner for a coffee machine. At Interior’s by Guernsey, we break it down into three distinct spaces: 


The Break Room 

For small workplaces that like to keep things simple, the break room is an essential area for employees to recharge and take a well-deserved respite. Even the most stripped-down office will need sources of water, and the HON Furniture Configurator will help you select the perfect furniture for resting employees. Providing comfortable seating, clean surfaces for eating, natural light, and a calming color palette can create a relaxing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and stress reduction. 


The Cafe

If your company is anything like ours, you rely on caffeine to keep the wheels spinning. With a few design touches like direct sunlight or live plants, you can transform a sad coffee corner into a hub for socialization and caffeine-fueled energy boosts. Your café should have options for private seating, so folks can enjoy their cup of joe before heading back to work. Consider booth seating for maximum modularity. 

By offering a variety of coffee options, tea, water, and healthy snacks, you can keep your employees fueled throughout the day and encourage collaboration and interaction. 

Office Supplies

The Lunch Room

Organizations with smaller workforces may be able to use a break room or café as a space where workers can eat a meal, but for larger companies a dedicated lunchroom or cafeteria may be the only answer.  

IBG will help you find tables and seating that are comfortable for employees at lunch and are easy to clean and maintain by employees at work. Whether you want traditional long rectangular cafeteria tables or smaller situations for solo and group seating, IBG has the choices you need! 

If you serve food to employees (or customers) consider switching to biodegradable and sustainable Food Service Disposables - an easy way to prioritize employees and the environment at the same time!