Office Interior Design Consultations: How Can We Help Get You Started?

Consulting is more than just giving advice, we’re here to bring life to your ideas and sketches.

Getting to Know You & Your Business Needs

What workspace are you working with? What are your specific needs from functionality to aesthetics? How do you intend people to use the space (employees and clients)?

Anything from updating workspace furnishings to creating a whole new layout plan – no job is too big or small.

We want to learn about you and your business. Getting to know what you do and how you do it will attribute to the design planning for the final outcome.


Let’s have a Q&A!

Get everyone involved! Asking questions and getting answers from all people that will use the space is key. Employees and even office pets can have a say, along with any other personnel such as the architect or designer of the building in order to really hone down on what is needed.


Timeline & Budget

The Interiors by Guernsey team will work to ensure that we provide the best furniture solution for your workplace needs, but also keep your wallet happy. Expected timelines are set forth so you can plan for any updates to your office. Lead times on furniture delivery and install timelines will be provided also.

The end goal of the consulting step is to gather all the information our team needs to accomplish project within the timeline and associated budget.

Need some inspiration? Take a look through our workspace design blog and office furniture install portfolio!