Let’s Learn About Educational Furniture

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September 10, 2018
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Let’s Learn About Educational Furniture

Keene Mill

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Let’s Learn About Educational Furniture

Educational & Classroom Furniture – pretty simple to understand, just furniture that you put in schools, right? Not always the case, there is certainly more than meets the eye. More than just furniture, it’s about developing culture and an environment for individuals to grow in. I got the chance to interview Interiors by Guernsey’s very own, Terri Perry and Carol Allin to provide some exclusive insight. What are you waiting for? Let’s learn!


The Interview


I started by asking why educational furniture is meaningful to these two ladies. Terri Perry explained,

“It allows me to use my creative skills, my organizational skills, and my relational skills with people. It allows me to be a partner with these schools and come alongside their team to create something new. That’s very fulfilling to me.”

According to Carol, school furniture is about age groups – “It is Kindergarten through the 12th grade (K-12), which encompasses Elementary, Middle and High Schools in both the private and public sector, [and]…in higher education establishments such as colleges and universities.” Terri explained the contrast with regular furniture, “[It’s] very different from typical business furniture, because the intended environment is very different.”

More than just traditional individual desks, the trend now is more modern collaborative spaces created with flexible and durable furniture. According to Terri, “We’ve come a long way from wooden desks and pencil sharpeners! Colors, textures, shapes, materials, and the way classrooms are configured are all significantly different from when we were kids. The student experience has changed a lot, and classroom furniture has had a lot to do with that.” Carol jokingly added, When I was in school, back in the dinosaur era, I always sat at my own small and individual desk with a book box attached.  I can clearly remember the desks have a pencil trough at the top, and the desks were etched with graffiti or pen and pencil writing on them.” Educational spaces are constantly evolving to create a new learning experience.

Talking about the purchasing process, they both agreed that balancing cost and functionality is crucial to creating a successful learning environment. The right choice in furniture affects the learning process. Their priority is to create designs to cater to the demands of their clients. Creativity flows as the design team builds ideal blueprints in CAD software. Terri talks about how impactful colors and design are in the process, “This is where I listen to the customer and translate that into a cohesive design that reflects both their desires and the personality of the individual school.

I asked about Interiors by Guernsey’s impact on local schools. They both talked about how we play a major role in large renovations, but also small and medium projects as well.

What we do impacts these schools and the community for years, sometimes decades…” Terri points out, “Getting it right, being responsive, and giving the customer the best value is essential.


Let Our Interiors Team Help You Reach Your Educational Goals


Here at Interiors by Guernsey, we are all about great designs and practical outcomes. Working hard to achieve that goal is our priority and with HON’s amazing furniture options we make it happen.

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