Handling Your Furniture Installation (FAQ)

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November 26, 2018
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Handling Your Furniture Installation (FAQ)

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Handling Your Furniture Installation (FAQ)

Installations can be a hassle. Add the words “office furniture” in front and you’ve got yourself a headache. Office furniture installation can stir up a great deal of concerns, but have no fear. (Cue the superhero music.) We’re here to save the day! I had the opportunity to speak with John Sites of the Interiors by Guernsey team and a recent customer, who has been through the installation process, to get some key insights. Let’s dive in.


Customer: Nic Riesenburg – Facilities Director at Meritus Health (Hagerstown, MD)


Q: How confident are you now with furniture installations?

Extremely confident, the team from Interiors by Guernsey consult and ask the right questions to make the install process simple.

Q: Tell me about the communication level between you and the team during the process.

Very tight, we bounce ideas off of each other and make sure the end users are all satisfied.

Q: What was it like working with us?

Interiors by Guernsey’s quality of work is next to none. I have never had this much pleasure with another furniture vendor. The attention to details and the professionalism is fantastic. Cleaning up after yourselves is done by no vendors with exception to Guernsey.



John Sites – Furniture Specialist at Interiors by Guernsey


Q. What steps should customers take in preparing for an installation?

We want the area to be open and have any previously used furniture removed. We do not handle electronic equipment such as computers, phones and copiers due to the fragile nature of these items. However, we will remove existing furniture for a labor fee but that needs to be negotiated prior to delivery to plan the proper equipment and manpower for that work. Also, we will need somewhere to park our truck so that we can access the building, preferably with a truck height dock but a space close to the door will work too.

Q. How long will the process take?

We always base that on the products we are installing and the conditions of the space. We try to give a real estimate, so they can plan the work schedule for their team. Usually a typical office can be assembled in less than two hours, but workstations will take longer since there are so many pieces involved.

Q. How loud will it get?

We will use drills and other tools for the install but always do our best to keep the noise level down so the office can function as normal. The amount of noise would be similar to any other type of delivery in the building.

Q. What happens if something breaks during installation?

If we damage a piece of furniture or if it comes out of the packaging with a defect, we will replace that at no charge to the customer as a warranty item. We always try to use that piece, so they have a working set up until the replacement item arrives and are not stuck without a place to work. We always stand behind our work and guarantee that we will repair anything that our team damages during the process.

Q. Who handles the electrical work?

If we are working with new workstations we will install the electric in the panels that is included on the quote. The customer will need to provide an electrician to make those connections to their building and data contractors to run any phone/data lines that are needed. We typically will try to coordinate this work with those contractors while we are installing the panels to make it a seamless process for the customer. If there are desk units, sometimes they sit against the wall and block access to the outlet. We always ask if they want data/phone lines or electric strips installed while we are placing the furniture so they don’t have to worry about that after we are gone.

Q. Can you guys help with the functions of the furniture?

Yes, our installers will always show the customer how to use their new furniture from adjusting the keyboard trays to how the locking system works. We never mind taking a few minutes to answer their questions, so they feel comfortable with the new items they have. For example, when customers get new chairs they often are not familiar with the controls and adjustments. We will show them how to adjust the chairs so that they are using all the ergonomic controls and getting the full effect of their new furniture.

Q. I heard you guys remove the trash – Is this (too good to be) true?

We always remove our packaging, boxes and trash. Our team will vacuum the rooms if there is a mess left from moving the furniture. They also clean it to make sure that it is in new condition and ready to be used.

Q. The installation is complete and furniture breaks – what now?

Similar to the way we would replace any damaged items during delivery, we will replace any items covered under the manufacturer’s warranty at no charge to the customer. Each manufacturer has different warranty coverages, so the time line and items covered will depend on what they purchased. We strive to be there after the sale to help with problems or concerns that may come up.



John Sites – Meritus Health (Hagerstown, MD)


Furniture installations are not a walk in the park, but hopefully this post helped answer questions you had floating around in your head. Here at Interiors by Guernsey, our team is committed to guide you every step of the way. Come explore our office furniture installation portfolio filled with exceptional design and exciting ergonomic office furnishing options provided by the HON company.

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