Resimercial: The Next Big Office Trend Hybrid

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January 14, 2019
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Resimercial: The Next Big Office Trend Hybrid

Resimercial Office Design

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Resimercial: The Next Big Office Trend Hybrid

Just when I thought I had it all figured out with BuzziJungles and Hoteling stations my boss hits me with another topic, “Resimercial.” But have no fear. Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned research — just for you. To break it down, “resi” comes from the word residential and “mercial” comes from the word, commercial. Mesh the two words together and voilà! You’ve got the word: resimercial. Resimercial is all about hybrid design, bringing in values of home into the corporate workplace. The goal is to create a welcoming and comfy environment, free from stress and anxiety. Home sweet home, or should I say home sweet work?

Why does this matter? I love my cubicle. My boss loves her cubicle. Everyone loves their cubicle. Well, a new year means new design trends. It’s time to revamp your work space and stay ahead of the game. Whether it be a potential customer, a future employee, or anyone just passing by — don’t you want to leave a good first impression? A good office design can go a long way towards that, and more. Study shows, 48% of employees say that workplace design plays a part in whether to stay at a company.[1]

Before we dive in, let’s take a look back at previous trends in the office.


The Company Office Was Created

The match was sparked with the creation of a company office. This was to be a designated area where people go to get work done and at the end of the day head back home. The corporate standard for generations.


Do We Need A Physical Corporate Workplace?

As we approached the 21st century with high speed internet access, virtual video conferencing and the access to a multitude of many forms of digital communications. The question arose, is it necessary to leave home for work? Commuting can be a struggle for many, having to wake up early, wait for public transportation or spend countless hours in traffic on a daily basis. And to be honest, working in your jammies, what is more comfortable than that?



Great, no need to go to the office until that mandatory sales meeting. Okay, but let’s be honest here. How much “work” does anyone actually get done working at home? Your bed is practically calling your name to come back, and still wearing your jammies doesn’t help.

“Third Space” Trend

Simply put — the first place is the office, the second is home, and the third is an external area away from the first two to get work done. A good example would be a local café. A friendly open atmosphere, dependable Wi-Fi source, electrical outlets (tons of them) and a sprinkle of caffeine and yummy food makes for a perfect third space. Being able to collaborate with others means more productivity and getting those creative juices flowing.

It’s Resimercial Time

The idea was introduced during NeoCon in 2017, shifting the design trend into a movement. NeoCon is a convention held annually in Chicago, Illinois bringing the industry’s major manufacturers and upcoming companies to showcase commercial industry design[2] — if you didn’t know, now you know. Clearly, being mentioned at NeoCon—that makes it special.

Resimercial design can be applied to workplaces of all sizes, sorts and kinds. It also serves as a method to attract and retain employees. I hate to mention the M-word, but according to Forbes — Every one out of three adults will be a millennial in the workforce by 2020 and by 2025, 75% of workforce will be millennials.[3] There. I said it: millennials. Love it or hate it, it’s going to happen. As they will make up a large chunk of the workforce, it would be a smart step to cater towards them. That doesn’t mean we are leaving other age groups out. There are both traditional and modern aspects in resimercial design making for a cohesive look.


Okay so… What does Resimercial look like?

  • Durable and cozy office furniture with ergonomic features.
  • Natural ambient lighting to brighten up the mood.
  • Open spaces that encourage movement and collaboration in the workplace.Small features and details that make a big impact.
  • Designated areas with its own function and aesthetics.
  • Green – plants that lend a homey and eco-integrated feel.
  • The latest in technology spread throughout – increasing connectivity


    • Scroll through these Resimercial designs provided by the HON company.

    Overall, resimercial emphasizes a softer vibe with energetic touches, fostering inspiration and comfort. The workplace will always continue to change, and trends will come and go. Nevertheless, the primary goal is creating a fun and productive workplace, giving joy to your employees. Looking into resimercial designs? Want to know more? Let’s chat!

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