Hoteling Stations vs BuzziJungle? The New Way We Work

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Hoteling Stations vs BuzziJungle? The New Way We Work

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Hoteling Stations vs BuzziJungle? The New Way We Work

Wait, what? We’re working from hotels? A what jungle? I’m Ethan Jeon, the new team member here at Interiors by Guernsey, and when I first heard about hoteling stations and BuzziJungles I was more lost than you are, trust me. As in, Tarzan in a city or Jane in the jungle, levels of lost. (See what I did there?) That’s okay, though. I had a chat with the Interiors by Guernsey designers and project managers, and together, you and I can walk through this. Effectively, we’re talking about two tools that set the tone of your workplace and solve a productivity issue in two very different ways. Ready to take on a different approach to your office space? Let’s get started!


Hoteling Stations


Starting off with hoteling stations, what are they, exactly? Well, they are workstations for those who are out in the field frequently. Think an extra, empty cubicle or office, provided with the basics for work.  A few items to consider may be pens, Post-its and possibly an extra computer screen. Guernsey Office Supplies can help you source all the office products you need for your office hoteling station. Hoteling stations are great for remote workers spending the day in the office, staff visiting from other sites or even clients and contractors. However, before you jump into the wonderful world of hoteling stations, remember why you’re doing it—the environment you create should support the work you do, how you do it, and the culture you want to develop. The Guernsey team can help consult on the best ways to incorporate a hoteling station within your office and source any office furniture or office supplies for your new “on the go” workspace.




Constructed like a jungle gym, the BuzziJungle definitely brings out my inner child. It makes me want to climb up, find a nice cozy spot, and rock out on my work projects. Apparently, that’s the point—studies have shown that fostering a playful and collaborative environment improves productivity. Plus, playful and collaborative environments attract playful and collaborative people. For companies in creative industries, the BuzziJungle helps employers stand out to candidates, and retain existing employees.  Think FUN…bright colors, comfortable seating, collaborative workspaces, and some private getaway spots for some “me time” when necessary. The IBG team can help with your BuzziJungle too! From consultation, space planning & design and installation/delivery we can do it all. Also, don’t overlook the breakroom in your jungle. Think YUM…a fully stocked breakroom or office kitchen with coffee and snacks is sure to please.


A hoteling station or BuzziJungle?


There are clear benefits to both, so you need to consider your company’s goals, environment and work culture. Your company may have Creative Chris, who is all in for the idea of hanging off the bars, and clients who are looking for that zany vibe. Alternatively, you may have Tradition Tracy, who is wedded to her ergonomic chair, and clients who are looking for a more traditional partner. Know who you are, who your employees are and who your customers are, and the choice is easy. And no matter which you fancy, feel free to give us a call with questions. The workplace is always evolving, and those of us at Interiors by Guernsey (myself included!) evolve with it. At the end of the day, it’s your call, so create an office that feels right for you and makes you proud.

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