June 18, 2018
Office Cubicle

Why I Still Love the Cubicle

READ TIME: 3-5 Mins Why I Still Love the Cubicle   Forbes is over it. The NY Times is over it. Even NPR is over it […]
May 21, 2018

How Your Office Reception Furniture Makes an Impression

READ TIME: 3-5 Mins The First Impression Makes All the Difference How important are first impressions to you? Well, according to, people can decide 13 […]
April 9, 2018

Go Green in Your Workplace With These Eco-Friendly Tips

READ TIME: 3-5 Mins Tips for an Eco-Friendly Office   Earth Day is a day of observance where millions of people from all around the world […]
April 1, 2018

Introducing Guernsey’s New Tattoo Ink!

READ TIME: 3-5 Mins Say What?!   That’s right, folks. We’re very excited to announce that Guernsey has created our very first tattoo ink line! From […]
March 8, 2018
Office Design DC, MD, VA, PA

Five Steps to Designing a New Office

READ TIME: 3-5 Mins Office Design by Guernsey   It’s 4:55 p.m. on a gloomy afternoon. You’ve got a million and one things on your to-do […]