Designing Your New Office: Step by Step

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January 16, 2023
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Designing Your New Office: Step by Step

A Brand New Day  

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Modern office design puts the employee’s needs first, so that by creating a positive environment which promotes well-being and focus, your business may reap the rewards of high morale and high-quality output. If you haven’t already its well past time for adding biophilic installations, seated privacy, or any of the latest design trends intended to encourage wellness and productivity. These are the new office norms and the keys to attracting, motivating, and retaining employees. 

Ready to unlock your office’s potential? Interiors by Guernsey will take you through the redesign process, step-by-step. From initial thoughts to finishing touches, IBG is your partner, here to support and execute your vision with our experience and knowledge. 

Step 1: Your Space, Your Needs, Your Dream

At IBG it might feel like we are mind readers by the way we anticipate your needs and offer solutions to problems you didn’t know you had. But the fact is, it’s your office space, we need to know what you want to do with it!  

We’ll meet face-to-face to learn about the daily operation of your company, the challenges your workplace faces, and pinpoint opportunities for growth. We’ll gather measurements and take photos to more perfectly understand your space. 

At this early stage, everyone is involved, and we mean everyone. Not only do we want to hear honest and fair feedback from the rank-and-file employees, we’ll need to talk shop with architecture experts, electricians, plumbers, and building owners to create an electrical layout and truly understand the space. Sound scary? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Just take a deep breath and think “IBG.” 

Step 2: Put It on Paper

man reading blueprints

After measuring the space and coming to a full understanding of your needs, we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create a detailed floor plan of your dream office. With your input we go through as many design drafts as necessary until we find the perfect optimization for your space.  

Here’s the best part: we don’t just give you a blueprint of what your new office “could” be. We help you select the furniture and accessories that transform your office into what it “will” be. By partnering with manufacturers at the forefront of the furniture industry we are able to offer an enormously wide array of selections with competitive pricing.  

At the end of the day, you’ll have: 

  • A detailed blueprint of your new office, down to the placement of each chair 
  • A comprehensive list of the furniture and accessories that will populate your new office 
  • A step-by-step timeline of the entire process from delivery dates to our final walkthrough 

Step 3: We Gather Together

Once our design plan gets the thumbs up, it’s time to go shopping. With an approved proposal in hand, we go about procuring the furniture and products that will enhance your office. This part of the process requires that you spend a lot of time on the phone with vendors arranging deliveries and negotiating prices. Just kidding! That’s our job! While you are busy running your business, we are organizing every detail, from the number of chairs to the timeline for delivery.  

Step 4: Set It Up

man assembling an office chair

People often like to throw around the word “professional,” but at IBG we let our actions do the talking. Our in-house staff of installers are led by furniture experts with years of industry experience. Their #1 goal? Working quickly and quietly to create your new work environment without causing distractions or disruptions. Where most office furniture providers would ship you a pallet of boxes and call it a day, our team unloads, assembles, places, and installs every stick of furniture.  

office team discussing business

Step 5: Test Drive

The big day is finally here! After all the meetings, brainstorms, planning sessions, and installations, your office is now officially your NEW office. Take a few days or even weeks to settle into your space, after that “new office smell” fades a bit. Once all the excitement wears off you might think to yourself “actually…that table would be better over there.”  

The good news? At IBG we don’t say goodbye, we say “Until next time!” That’s because our team is standing by for questions, maintenance, even furniture reconfiguration. We aren’t happy until you are.  

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