Workplace Design Trends of 2023 

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November 18, 2022
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Workplace Design Trends of 2023 

Trends for a Happier, Healthier, More Productive Workplace  

As the world of work continues to evolve, so do the design trends that will shape the offices of tomorrow. In 2023, workplace design trends will be all about creating a sense of place, embracing sustainability, providing variety in workspaces, promoting well-being, and listening to employee feedback. Businesses that stay on top of these trends will have a better chance of creating an office environment that meets the needs of their employees and allows them to thrive.  

A Sense of Place 

Creating a “sense of place” has become increasingly important in office design. A sense of place means more than just a place to work—it’s a space that encourages employees to feel like they are part of something bigger. Having a sense of place is about creating an atmosphere that reflects the local community, culture, and values of your business.  

Corporate Culture 

Consider the feeling you get when you walk into a neighborhood coffee shop. You may find the warm ambience and inviting decor familiar and comfortable. Now, how do you want your employees, customers, and visitors to feel when they are in the office? To highlight corporate culture and project professionalism, you may integrate your brand’s colors into the design of your office. Plush couches, low lighting, and autumn colors will reinforce a calm, welcoming atmosphere. For a more vibrant energy consider brightly painted accent walls, sleek, minimalist furniture, and lots of natural light.   

Community Inspiration 

It’s important to remember your business belongs to a community beyond the walls of your office.  Incorporating elements of the local community creates a sense of space and strengthens local bonds. Incorporating art or furniture made by local craftspeople, highlighting employee accomplishments, or simply encouraging employees to bring plants from home all help to create a sense of place.  

Ultimately, having a sense of place creates a culture of belonging and connection amongst employees, improving morale and performance. It is important to remember that a sense of place should be tailored to your unique business and local area—creating a space that feels like home for your employees. 


When it comes to sustainable workplace design, energy efficiency is key. Start by looking at the big picture—think about all the energy that goes into running an office and look for ways to reduce it. Replace old appliances and equipment with newer, energy efficient models. Install solar panels on the roof, upgrade to energy efficient windows. Utilize smart lighting systems and motion sensors to prevent waste. Investing in energy efficient fixtures and equipment will help to conserve resources and save money over time.  

Tech Updates 

In a wireless age we need to stay connected wherever we go. Never drop a connection when you strategically place Wi-Fi boosters throughout the office. A plug & go WiFi extender can add over 6,500 sq. ft. to your connectivity today. 

Wiring conference rooms and collaborative spaces with electric and data ports makes connecting easy for executives and brainstormers alike. Truthfully, incorporating electric/data connections wherever people gather is a significant advantage.  

Variety of Spaces 

Empowering employees with control over their environment boosts morale and productivity. Providing different types of office spaces encourages employees to use their own initiative when it comes to workspace choice. Some people may prefer to work in an open-plan space, while others may need more privacy to concentrate.  

To satisfy all your employees, consider incorporating these spaces into your workplace: 

  • Quiet Rooms – Focused, individual work 
  • Breakout Rooms – For robust collaboration 
  • Virtual Meeting Spaces – Outfitted with microphones, cameras, and presentation lighting designed to optimize teleconferencing 
  • Touchdown Spaces – Comfortable spots for a quick email check between meetings

Promoting Well-Being 

Promoting health and well-being in your employees is an investment in your business. With a two-pronged approach of environment and culture, your office morale, health, and productivity will soar. 

Physical Environment  

As workplace design trends continue to evolve, companies must prioritize employee well-being and mental health. Creating a healthy work environment starts with the design of the office itself.  

For instance, the biophilic design trend of incorporating natural elements into office design can be beneficial in many different forms. Natural light has been shown to improve concentration and reduce fatigue. Break rooms with green plants can create a calming and welcoming atmosphere that improves wellbeing, while outdoor terraces or balconies help to connect employees to nature.  

Culture of Well-Being  

To create a true culture of well-being, we must go beyond the physical workspace. To promote employee well-being, which includes both physical and mental health, workplaces are beginning to offer more quality-of-life amenities. Increasingly popular examples include: 

  • Onsite Daycare 
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes 
  • Access to Outdoor Spaces 
  • PTO for Mental Health Days 

Listen to Your Workers  

One office trend that is here to stay is listening to your workers. The folks with boots on the ground will know best what design changes need to be made to increase productivity. The best part about listening to workers is that for each complaint, they probably have a solution. Too much noise from the printer? Create a dedicated Copy Center, far away from people who need quiet. Breakroom too small? Consider turning the conference room into a flex space. Whatever the problem, listening to your workers can hold the solution. 


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