Workplace Design – Why Refresh Your Office?

The Benefits & Importance of Biophilic Workplace Design
The Benefits & Importance of Biophilic Workplace Design
April 26, 2024
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Workplace Design – Why Refresh Your Office?

Banner photo source: HON

Workplace design is a hot topic, and for good reason. A well-designed office space is not only good for your employees; it’s good for your bottom line. (Plus, if you are a client- or customer-focused business, it goes a long way in making customers and clients feel more welcome and comfortable.) If your office lacks vitality and is unstimulating, it might be time for an office makeover. But don’t be daunted! You can give your office a facelift in a number of ways, ranging from making a few simple but valuable changes to doing a complete redesign. It all depends on what you need and what you are trying to achieve. 

Refreshing your offices and workspace is a worthwhile investment that leads to improved productivity, job satisfaction, and overall wellness. By rearranging the layout, introducing natural elements, optimizing lighting, decluttering, incorporating color and art, upgrading ergonomic furniture, and improving break areas, you can easily convert your work environment into a rejuvenating and inspiring space. Employing these tips will result in a significant improvement in your team’s performance and happiness. 

Read more about 2024 office design trends here.  

Are you experiencing any of the following issues with your current office workspace design? 

  • You’re running out of space  
  • Or the opposite – too MUCH space 
  • Your current design is not conducive to new hybrid or work-from-home conditions  
  • Your space no longer fits your brand or your company culture 
  • Your office isn’t promoting employee well-being and, as a result, isn’t attracting (or keeping) top talent  

If so, it’s DEFINITELY time for a refresh!  

Declutter and Organize

Sometimes, adopting some simple, straightforward organizational techniques can transform your workplace into an efficient space that energizes your team. Let’s explore some ways to achieve this. 

Lateral File Cabinets

Source: Global Lateral Files

Bookcases and Specialty Storage

Source: Global Filing Islands

Storage Cabinets

Source: HON Flagship Storage

Vertical File Cabinets

Source: HON Vertical Files

Revamp Your Layout

Remember the days of cramped cubicles and drab office colors? Well, they’re fast becoming a thing of the past! With the shift towards work flexibility and the need for efficiency, modern office design is embracing benching systems and workstations. These aren’t just spaces; they’re productivity powerhouses designed with employee comfort and well-being in mind. Dive into an office layout that adapts to your needs, fosters collaboration, and keeps morale high.  

Green Is the New Everything

The world is moving towards more sustainability in all areas of our lives, including the workplace. Customers and clients are beginning to expect the companies they do business with to be more environmentally aware and eco-friendly. And with so many high-quality furniture options to choose from these days, why wouldn’t you? Eco-minded furniture suppliers focused on sustainability, such as OFS, create furniture that’s not just environmentally friendly, but it’s also built to last, making it a sound investment on many levels. So go ahead, go green!   

In addition to OFS, we carry plenty of top-of-the-line products from other sustainably minded, high-quality office furniture designers like Boss Design and HON.  

Ergo, Comfort!

Another element to consider when doing an office refresh is the comfort of your workstations. ‘Ergonomic’ isn’t just a buzzword. Ergonomic furniture truly IS better for your body. For better or for worse, most of us do spend most of our life in an office, so every little bit we can do to make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable goes a long way. Investing in furniture such as sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs is an easy way to make a big impact on our health and comfort in one fell swoop. Want new chairs quick, quick? Check out our in-stock chair program to see what’s currently in stock and ready to go!  

Roam Touchdown Workstation

Source: SAFCO Roam Touchdown Workstation

Verve Standing Desk

Source: Verve Standing Safco Desk

Liven Up Your Lounges and Break Areas

Improving the atmosphere of your workplace is crucial for stimulating productivity and morale among employees, and the influence of the workspace on the wellness and productivity of workers should not be underestimated. A positive work environment increases relaxation and connection and shows your employees you appreciate them. It makes them more comfortable and creates a positive association with their job. And all these things are good not just for your people, but also for your bottom line.  

Alera Reception Lounge Furniture 

Source: Alera Reception Lounge Furniture 

Alera Reception Lounge 700 Series Gang Table

Source: Alera Reception Lounge

Alera Ispara Series Armless Chair

Source: Alera Ispara Series Armless Chair

Personal Lockers

Source: Global 1200 Series

Set The Mood

Lighting, color, textures…these all play into the experience someone has when they walk through your office doors. And they can be the deciding factor in whether that experience is a positive one or a negative one. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting, comforting and invigorating colors, and beautiful artwork. To this end, don’t underestimate the power of nature either. Adding a little greenery boosts mood AND improves mood quality. There is a good reason companies are latching onto and incorporating biophilic design (Link to biophilic design blog) in their spaces. Nature is good for us!   

Biophilic design is all about bringing elements of nature into office design, which can mean anything from literally adding more living plants to your space to installing green carpets that mimic grass, providing more natural light, and hanging murals featuring nature scenes on the walls. You can read about it in more detail here.  

Consider carving out a space in your workplace dedicated to a small indoor garden. Even easier, add potted plants strategically throughout your space with these planters from HON.

Source: HON Sculpt

Natural lighting is another mood and productivity booster. Maximize it wherever you can. If that means moving around furniture and desks so they are closer to windows, do it! Plus, it might save you on electricity bills. 

So, think it’s time to spruce up your space? If you need a complete furniture redesign or office overhaul and are located in or around DC, MD, VA, or PA, we’ve got you! Our customer-centric team of design experts at Interiors By Guernsey are ready to help give your office the attention it needs to help your business and your people thrive. We’re headquartered in Chantilly, but we work with people all over the mid-Atlantic.

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