2024 Workplace Design Trends

The Importance of Prioritizing Employee Well-Being
September 5, 2023
Office Benching – Going Beyond the Average Cubicle 
March 20, 2024
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2024 Workplace Design Trends

As hybrid work environments, employee well-being, and sustainable living become the norm rather than the exception, companies are reconsidering and reconfiguring their workplace design to accommodate. In 2024, those trends are front and center, focusing on strategically utilizing space that shows a commitment to social responsibility while encouraging employee well-being and increasing productivity. That means creating workspaces that favor functionality, comfort, connection, and sustainable practices. In addition to this, due to the popularity and prevalence of hybrid work, office spaces need to provide something unique that cannot be achieved without people coming into the office.  

Here are some questions to consider when it comes to ways to elevate your office design in 2024: 

  • What kind of environment increases employee happiness and well-being? 
  • How can my office design elevate employee well-being as well as their productivity? 
  • What design elements and furniture can I introduce to make the workspace environment more environmentally friendly?  

Sustainable Furniture and Design

The world is becoming more and more aware of our environmental footprint and the negative effects of ignoring social responsibility when it comes to our workspace design. In 2024, that awareness is taking center stage, and product lines have adapted to include a wider range of sustainable, eco-friendly, and recycled furniture in their lines.  

Guernsey offers several product lines that prioritize socially and environmentally friendly practices.  




Employee Well-Being

With the help of a better layout design and ergonomic furniture, the office can become a feel-good place that promotes self-care and boosts focus. Adding elements such as well-stocked and configured breakrooms as well as sit-to-stand desks add flexibility to how employees work, promoting a healthier, happier work environment while also boosting employee productivity.  


Hybrid Office Layout

Hybrid work is here to stay. To capitalize on this, any hybrid design must prioritize work-life balance and center layout around the employee experience via thoughtful layout and products. As companies adopt this new way of working, they are reevaluating their spatial needs and finding ways to reduce operational costs. These savings can then be reinvested into office features that boost employee well-being and productivity.  

In a successful hybrid work environment, office design and space utilization balance collaboration, concentration, and relaxation with unique amenities that can’t be replicated at home. This means providing communal areas for group work, as well as private spaces for individual recharging. A hybrid workspace should include well-appointed breakrooms and flexible office spaces that foster human connection, innovation, and collaboration – elements that cannot be found in a home office.  


Biophilic Design

It’s been proven again and again that nature has a soothing effect that can promote wellness and reduce stress. The inclusion of plants and sunlight not only improves overall well-being, but also has additional health benefits such as air purification. As a result, biophilic design is playing a more prominent role in office design and becoming an essential aspect of design considerations. 

Biophilic design is a human-centered design approach that recognizes the vital connection between humans and the natural world and focuses on integrating elements of nature into office spaces. As the world population becomes increasingly urbanized, the importance of biophilic design cannot be understated. It has the potential to enhance creativity, clarity of thought, and well-being, while also expediting healing. Consider integrating biophilic design elements into your workspace to improve both employee mental and physical health and satisfaction.  


At Guernsey, we understand that good design is good business, and employee well-being and social responsibility are paramount factors when it comes to the success of an organization. Let us help you in the coming year to create the optimal space that is better for your company, your people, and the planet.  

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