Reimagine Your Breakroom

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Reimagine Your Breakroom

 When you imagine the perfect office, what jumps to mind? Maybe some plants to liven things up? Who ever said “no” to a new office chair? Updated tech is always nice, and what office couldn’t use a new copier?  

But what about those moments between meetings, when there isn’t an email to answer or a call to return? When it’s time for a midday perk or a quick reset, informal collaboration, or friendly conversations shared over lunch? For that we turn to the modern breakroom: a place of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Guernsey helps you create a welcoming environment for employees to gather, relax, and recharge. 

Office interior

The Perfect Breakroom 

At Guernsey, we know that true comfort comes from paying attention to detail. It isn’t enough to throw a microwave and minifridge on a folding table next to the copier. The breakroom needs to be a dedicated space with carefully selected furniture, purpose-built appliances, and the finishing touches Guernsey is famous for.  


The HON Astir seating system is a terrific addition to any breakroom. This casual seating allows for individual privacy, group collaboration, or the simple sharing of a meal. The configurability of the HON Astir makes it an easy solution for any existing office space, while still creating opportunities for social distancing when necessary.  

Adjustable Seating 

Height adjustable tables and sit/stand desks have become ubiquitous in the modern office. Why not incorporate that same level of comfort control into the breakroom? By incorporating seating and tables of varying and adjustable heights, your reimagined breakroom will be comfortable and usable for everyone. If you’ve ever banged your knee on a low table or had trouble reaching the floor from a too-high seat, you’ll appreciate the variety of furniture included in the modern breakroom.  

Power Your Body and Your Devices 

The reimagined breakroom powers your body and your devices. By adding power ports wherever possible we keep important office appliances running while ensuring that workers have the opportunity to charge their personal devices. After all, what’s a snack break without scrolling the news, checking sports scores, and catching up on the group text thread? 


Never underestimate the power of color! A new coat of paint is sometimes all it takes to make a room pop. Bright colored fabrics and vinyl wall applications reinvigorate a too often ignored space. Properly applied color creates an inviting space for employees to gather together to rest and recharge. 

office breakroom appliances

Snacks & Drinks

A breakroom without snacks is like school on Sunday: no class. Your employees deserve the best, and a fully fueled workforce is a productive workforce. That’s why it’s so important to stock your breakroom with satisfying snacks.  

Coffee Brewers 

For decades “instant” coffee carried the stigma of being subpar, cheap, and unsatisfying. However, with the advent of new beverage technologies, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for speed. Even though coffee is more of a necessity than a luxury, you still deserve the upscale breakroom experience you can only get from a steaming cup of gourmet coffee.  

Whether it’s single-cup brewers for individual tastes, or glass pot and thermal brewers for larger companies, be sure to find the machine that’s right for you and your team.  

And if coffee isn’t your favorite midday pick-me-up, Guernsey has the beverage brands your office relies on: 

  • Monster Energy 
  • AHA Seltzer 
  • LaCroix 

Breakroom Supplies 

At Guernsey we pride ourselves on having a solution for every workplace problem. That’s why, on top of our appliances, furniture, and interior design, we stock everything a breakroom could possibly require. From recyclable food trays to disposable cutlery and quality glassware to party decorations, we are the one-stop-shop for the workplace. 

Learn more about the ways Guernsey can help you reinvigorate the workplace

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