A New Look for Your Workspace

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September 10, 2020
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A New Look for Your Workspace

office building with desks and barriers


It’s time for an upgrade. The workplace is constantly changing. Even more so with an unforeseen start of a new decade. As we gradually work our way into the new “normal,” finding the right balance between a safe work environment and staying productive is the goal for all companies and organizations. We’re here to give you a breakdown of what’s trending in the workplace with the latest and greatest from the world of office furniture. These products can live in virtually any space. Whether you’re planning to purchase items for the near future or just need furniture now, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

Height-Adjustable Tables

Well, most of us are familiar with this concept, however it is still on the list as a reminder. When we spend countless hours in one position all day that puts us in risk of health issues in the future. Say goodbye to the sedentary work life. Standing up promotes a healthy lifestyle with less back pains and more productivity, I mean who doesn’t want one of these fancy desks? If you are reading this right now boss… Yes, I want one. With numerous control options and color choices, we can help you find the perfect height-adjustable table for you.

office with two chairs and two adjustable desks

Wall Tiles

Spice up your workspace with wall tiles. No, not the ones for the bathroom or kitchen. We are talking about wall tiles that can be hung from the ceiling and placed on the walls in order to diffuse and absorb sounds. Take control of disruptive noise levels of your workplace, all while being stylish with numerous color options and designs. Sounds like music to my ears.

stylish barrier in office
modern, open office layout with two cubicles


Nobody likes losing personal belongings. If you have too much to carry throughout the workplace, the workday can get a bit stressful. Storage and locker spaces will be helpful in decluttering random personal belongings throughout the workplace and help immensely in organization. It’s more than just a storage solution, you can customize these storage and locker options to fit your space perfectly.

rows of small storage lockers

Electrical Additions

“Is there an open outlet there?” Seems like the number one question in the workspace today. Add an outlet to unexpected areas of the workplace. That desk or sofa can be a source of both comfort and electricity with the usual plug in outlet and USB ports. Don’t forget about wireless charging, as we start using less cords for the sake of our environment. These electrical accessories additions make your existing furniture optimized and multi-functional.

couch with electrical outlets beneath it

Stay ahead of the curve with these furniture options for your workplace. We want to provide you with all you need to create a great work environment to achieve great accomplishments. If any of these items sparked a thought in your mind feel free to contact us. Interiors by Guernsey is here to guide you every step of the way.

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