Still Working From Home?
What You Need to Upgrade

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May 28, 2022
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Still Working From Home?
What You Need to Upgrade

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During the pandemic, millions of employees scrambled to cobble together home offices that functioned well enough to get the job done. Now that working from home is becoming more commonplace, whether full time or hybrid, many employees are finally making their temporary workspace a fully functional office. And they want a space that’s not just high on comfort while being optimized for productivity, but also one that accommodates their personality. Isn’t it time for you to upgrade your home office and create a space that suits who you are? Here are some helpful tips for your home office makeover.  

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Essentials To Optimize Your Home Office

Based on the style you want and the budget you have, there is a wide range of products available to suit whatever your home office may need. In addition to comfort, convenience, and quality, there are three other key factors to keep in mind when creating the best home office space:  

  1. Adaptability 
  2. Resilience
  3. Flexibility

To that end, we have chosen a selection of products we really love that meet those criteria and will help you create the best home office configuration for you.  

Already set up? These suggestions will help you optimize what’s already there.  

A home office must be functional and stylish.

Desks and Other Work Furniture

A desk is a personal choice. Why? Because it’s the platform on which your workday sits. Are you someone who needs a lot of storage? Or do you prefer a clean, open space that you can configure yourself? Maybe you work with more than one monitor. Whatever your needs are, your desk should be there to literally and figuratively support them. So, when you choose your desk, choose one that works for the type of work you do as well as the type of person you are and optimizes your productivity.   


HON is one of the largest manufacturers we use at Guernsey in our workplace designs and installations. We love working with them because their furniture is well-made and carefully curated, so we know we’ll always be getting quality with them. We particularly like their Coze and Voi desks, which are simple and versatile, making them an ideal office staple.  

COE Distributing

Whether you are looking for a more formal, large-scale set-up or simply want to make your home workspace as comfortable as possible, COE Distributing warehouses a broad line of furniture to cover your office needs. Their Epitome collection, for example, offers clean lines and ample workspace, helping to minimize clutter and maximize workflow.  


Safco offers stylish yet budget-friendly furniture that works well in smaller spaces like residential offices. They also offer a broad range of ergonomic accessories like cushions and footrests to ensure your comfort (and good posture!).   

Where you sit in your home office is an important consideration.

The Importance of the Right Desk Chair

With the amount of time we spend sitting these days, having the right chair is more important than ever. Besides providing the all-important element of comfort (because really, who wants to sit for hours in an uncomfortable chair?), a good desk chair works with your body to ensure it is adequately supported.  

Look for one that is ergonomically designed to accommodate your size and shape (and we highly recommend one with an adjustable height). Trust us – we spend a lot of time and energy searching for accessories that feel as good as they look. It’s worth it to invest in a chair that is right for you.  

We have decades of experience designing and installing workspaces with all the essentials. Reach out to our experts to help you create a home office that takes the stress out of work.  

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