Interiors by Guernsey: The Perfect Relationship

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Interiors by Guernsey: The Perfect Relationship

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It’s February 14th already? You know what that means… Valentine’s Day! The best day ever (said no one ever). I mean okay I get it, the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, big teddy bears holding hearts, red roses formed into a heart and oh, did I mention hearts? For some, it’s a day to show appreciation to a special someone. For others, it may be S.A.D, Single Awareness Day (Yes, it’s really a thing, look it up.) We’ve all had a relationship of some sort; however, I’m sure everyone has their own opinion of what an ideal relationship looks like. The Oxford Dictionary defines a relationship as, “The way in which two or more people or things are connected” On that note, I’m here to tell you…

Five Reasons Why Your Relationship with Interiors by Guernsey is — The Perfect Relationship



The most obvious of things can easily be forgotten. Communication is key in creating a healthy relationship. From the get-go, our team is all about keeping in contact — in person, on the phone, online chat, through e-mail and even a toll-free line. We just can’t get enough of you! We’re all ears when it comes to your wants and needs. Give us a ring, let’s chat!


Actions speak louder than words. In our relationship, your goals are our goals and we take heart in fulfilling your needs. No beating around the bush. You want a new hybrid layout plan with resimericial design? Comfortable seating options with ergonomic features? All installed to fit your timeline? Done, done, and done. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


Everybody likes a good sense of humor. Projects can be stressful and time-consuming. Good thing fun is in our DNA! Our team is filled with quirky and lovable personalities; we’re easy to be around. We have the right attitude to get things done. We’re all for sharing a good laugh and creating good memories. No need to look sofa-r, we’re right here waiting for you. (Get it?)


We all know the saying, “knowledge is power.” And we can’t help but agree. What’s more attractive than having confidence in your work? The Interiors team has 352 years of experience combined. Yes, you heard that right. Three hundred, and fifty-two. A number that’s only growing as we go. Talk to one of our team members and be ready to swoon over our professionalism. It’ll have you wanting more.


No doubt about it, relationships are a roller coaster ride. Having no problems, might be a problem in itself. Our goal is to resolve issues before they arise. Meaning, we put you, the customer, first at all times. Troubles will be gone in a blink of an eye. That’s how we want to build our trust with you. Safe to say, we like you.


Are you convinced? I know, we get it, there’s a lot of fish in the sea, but this is only scratching the surface of what we have to offer. We have much more love to give to you. 😉 Give us a shout and we’ll be waiting for you. This could be a start of a beautiful relationship.


Do you love infographics? I heard there is a nifty Valentine’s Day one on the Guernsey blog right now.


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