Technologies Shaping Workplace Furniture: Then and Now

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May 14, 2019
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Technologies Shaping Workplace Furniture: Then and Now

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I could start off with a whole spiel about how amazing technology is, but I’m sure you all have heard that story before. Technology has clearly influenced and changed the way we live our lives; at home, our daily commute and even at work. Technology is ever present and always evolving. That being said we need to adjust the way we live to incorporate the newest advancements in technology. Let’s direct our focus to technology in the workplace and how it is elevating the furniture industry to meet with today’s technological standards maintain our daily needs.


Is There an Open Outlet?

Look at your workspace. Ever notice how many devices and electrical cords are a part of your daily tasks? Without access to an electrical outlet, none of the technology would be able to function properly. It’s all fun and games until the electricity goes out and then you realize how dependent you’ve become to electronics. Even when the Wi-Fi stops working just for a couple of hours, all of the sudden you are stranded on an island with nothing to do (or maybe that’s just me.)

Desks with cable holes have gradually become the norm of the industry. Easier access to outlets and no clutter from cords getting in the way of work. Now, if you really want to get fancy, wireless charging has been on the upsurge of technological trends. Devices that have the capability of wireless charging will benefit greatly. No need to go searching for a charger every single time, just simply set it and come back to a fully juiced device. Furniture pieces nowadays have this feature embedded and built into the product itself, so all you have to do is set it on the charging area. It’s almost like magic.

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A Virtual Experience

Furniture industries prioritize having the right resources for customers in a timely manner. The “try before you buy” approach is crucial in the furniture industry. Companies have lead times in order to establish accurate expectations as we all have tight deadlines to meet. Time is very valuable to everyone, so no wonder technology continues to be used to improve the furniture retail experience.  Buyers can download applications to their devices to visually see and create products and spaces to their liking. No risk in having to return items or create unwanted expenses.

Yes, we’re talking about augmented reality, AR for short. Developers have created a medium for customers to have a controlled personalized shopping experience. It provides a more informed purchasing decision with all the accessible information right in front of you. A showcasing of products and all its customizable parts in color, fabric, shape and so forth. Most importantly it grabs attracts a new age of customers, who are more tech-savvy. Being able to see things in real-time and on demand will be a huge plus in the decision-making process.


The All-in-One

Furniture pieces were previously created with only a few goals in mind. Today, these pieces are oriented to be more versatile, having multiple functionalities. A very common example in household furniture is a futon, a comfortable sofa in the morning that turns into a bed by night. In the office, multi-functional furniture pieces benefit greatly in smaller workplace areas. Two drawer vertical file cabinets can serve a dual purpose as a stool or bench.  Sit-stand workstations allow the employee to change their positioning without leaving their work area– office ergonomics at its finest. These items help maximize space and minimize costs – sounds like music to anyone’s ears. The market showcases many all-in-one furniture product options and will grow from here.


Even More Green

In light of the community taking steps to be more environmentally conscious, the furniture industry has been playing their part as well. Building furniture pieces have shifted towards more sustainable resources in commitment to an eco-friendly design. No wonder I’ve been seeing more and more green leaf or recycle symbols on products and services.

With anything we do, we want to make sure it’s safe. LEED Certification is a great example in how companies strive to phase out the toxic substances once used in manufacturing and create an environment that is both productive and safe. Technology is embedded in the manufacturing process.


Oh, how far we’ve come from just a regular office chair and a plain old desk. A modern take on productivity and connection throughout the workplace will enable technological advancements to flourish in the years to come and the furniture industry will work in parallel. Before you know it, the furniture we see today will drastically change over the years and I can’t wait to see the evolutions.


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