Welcome Systems Furniture


It's been a long time coming

but we would like to officially welcome Systems Furniture Group into the Interiors by Guernsey family! Systems Furniture has been around for over 30 years, providing affordable and stylish furniture solutions all over the Washington DC Metro area. They bring tons of expertise, especially when it comes to providing the best solutions in educational institutions, government agencies and healthcare facilities.


We're clearly excited, let's see what the team has to say.

  • John Sites, Furniture Specialist

    “Since the merger, we have added certified designers and Leed certification which gives IBG a stronger relationship with the design community. Adding all of these additional resources to the IBG brand will help us to continue to grow in all markets”
  • Lisa Reyes, Designer

    “The merger was a big transition but it proved to be necessary for us to expand our businesses. Since then, it has opened up more opportunities and I'm excited to see what's next.”
  • Phil Alin, Executive Vice President

    “While our customer and product mix at the first seemed quite different, that has turned out to be a very good thing as we have been able to leverage and balance our sales and marketing efforts with our operations and logistics. Together, we are tackling the simple as well as the complex challenges and delighting our customers every day. I am excited that our team members have the opportunities to grow and enhance their lives and skillsets, both personally and professionally.”
  • Terri Perry, Furniture and Design Specialist

    “I can’t believe it’s only been about 9 months since Systems Furniture has joined our family. It’s been a great year so far integrating our team together and I look forward to creating many new workplace solutions together!”
"This industry has many challenges but this merge has expanded our possibilities greatly. The beauty of it all is that we can to learn from one another everyday and witness growth together."

Dave Guernsey, President and CEO, Guernsey, Inc.