What is Hot Desking & How Does It Improve Productivity?

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June 25, 2019
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What is Hot Desking & How Does It Improve Productivity?

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Workplace dynamics are constantly evolving. Hot desking has been the trendy office space management as of late. Similar to hoteling stations, hot desking is a new approach for workspaces where employees do not have designated seating. (Apart from the higher-up’s who have their own space.) Simply put, not one desk belongs to one person. Instead hot desking introduces the idea of technological advancements to designate rotating seating throughout the office. More and more, the traditional office space has been improved upon as new generations influence the workforce.

In 2018, the number of coworking spaces rose 16% in the U.S. (allwork.space)

As we foresee into the future of work, companies gear their workplaces to foster workspace collaboration between employees of all departments. Before you could say the workspace defined you, but now – you define the workspace. Hot desking encourages a work culture that is more social and creates an equal playing field for all. Also, it a low-cost solution in attracting and retaining staff members. It is very beneficial specifically for those who work remotely and are mobile.


5 Best Practices to Manage Successful Hot Desking


1. Hot Desking Harmony

A perfect balance of space is needed for hot desking. Start research to understand your staff and their habits. A simple survey would be helpful in getting initial thoughts and a head count of those who are interested. Also, take into account that new faces will join the team. It may be overwhelming at first to find a space to work in as the office is always busy. Finding a good ratio of those who are willing to share desks is the key here.


2. Variation in Hot Desking

Imagine walking into the office and there a bunch of individual desks, not too far apart from each other. New but the same faces inhabit these workspaces every day. Work suddenly feels like college as you are constantly trying to find a spot. For hot desking to work, the workplace needs variation.

  • Create spaces of solidarity that are nearby, you can’t possibly take a call with all different conversations going around you.
  • Have conference rooms with whiteboards and areas to project a screen for meetings.
  • Have areas to converse and have a meal like an open kitchen/breakroom or a café of some sort.

3. Hot Desking Storage

With no assigned seating, people look down upon how there is no space to place belongings. Before the problem occurs, create the solution by incorporating spaces to store things. For example, lockers will do the trick. Just make sure they are easily accessible by employees.


4. Rules of Hot Desking

Hot desking needs cooperation of all levels in your organization. Apart from your company handbook of rules, create a policy of how things will run. Keep it short and simple. Start with the logistics and make sure to note the commitments the company is taking so that everyone is on the same page.


5. Spread the Word About Hot Desking

As you launch hot desking in your workplace, you want to communicate early and often as possible to all throughout the company. It’s a whole new experience we’re talking about here. Inform your employees about all the new amenities and benefits of the workplace. Get everyone excited for work!


Constantly follow and track how hot desking affects your company. If productivity is an issue, try tweaking and working around the space to create solutions. Listen closely to your employees for the first year of implementation for feedback and reflect change as needed. You will start to notice if hot desking is working for your company or not.

Questions? Interested in more? Get in touch with our team and let’s have a sizzling conversation about hot desking.

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